Standard Turfgrass by Local Sod Delivered to Your Door

sod install stagger 2Prepare your site prior to the arrival of the sod. Remember to do the following:

  1. Measure area (Length x Width) and determine how much sod will be needed. 1 roll is 10 sq. ft.
  2. Remove weeds and debris.
  3. Till a rough grade and eliminate low spots.
  4. Apply three to five yards of compost per 1,000 sq. ft. to bare ground and till in or add 2-3 inches of amended topsoil. Level and rake the installation site until it is smooth.
  5. Grade areas along sidewalks and driveways approximately 3/4 inches below top of concrete.

Remember – Proper preparation is where you will save water allowing the roots to grow deep for more water absorption and adequate nutrition.

Be sure you have water hoses and sprinklers on site for initial watering.

  1. Make sure sprinkler system is performing properly.
  2. Understand the operation of your sprinkler clock for proper watering of the new sod and established lawn.
  3. Use a rain gauge to determine how much water is being applied.


Standard Turf by Local Sod $4.89 per roll

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